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Asha Jadeja is an entrepreneur, investor, thinker and philanthropist based in Palo Alto, California. She has invested in over 100 startups, some of which have gone on to become public companies including Kaltix (now Google), Jareva (now Veritas) and Mimosa Systems.
Asha is the founder of the Jadeja Motwani Foundation (JMF), a non-profit organisation that strives to develop a network of entrepreneurs in South Asia trained to think and drive exponential change. The foundation’s mission includes disruptive entrepreneurship, poverty alleviation, gender equality, and sustainable development.
Asha Jadeja actively supports technology innovation, non-formal education, economic policy changes, and women entrepreneurship. A firm believer in self-sustaining social movements supported by local communities,  she has successfully launched the Maker Fest initiative in India. She is a reputed speaker at numerous global technology and startup conferences including TIE Delhi-NCR, DLD Munich and TieGlobal Delhi.
Motwani Jadeja Foundation

Rajeev Circle Fellowship

A dynamic corridor of entrepreneurship, collaboration, and community between Silicon Valley and South Asia for budding entrepreneurs.

School in the Cloud

The School in the Cloud platform is a Self-Organised Learning Environment, or SOLE which can exist anywhere there is a computer Internet connection, and students who are ready to learn.

Maker Fest

A three-day event that brings local makers together for collaboration and co-inventing. The Maker Fest is a social movement supported by local communities.


Motwani Institute for Thought Leadership

A dynamic Silicon Valley based US-India think tank and advocacy platform designed to impact technology, economic policy, and women leadership.

CES 2020

An opportunity for startups in the consumer electronics industry in South Asia to venture into the North American Market. January 7-10, Las Vegas.

MJ Art Residency

An interdisciplinary arts residency program that operates and functions at the intersection of the arts, sciences, technology, and society with a particular focus on South Asia.

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